24/12 4PK CAN, 1/2 KEG, 1/6 KEG

CHARM CITY MEAD APPLE CINNAMON –  (WINTER SEASONAL)  This expression of our signature honey wine boasts apples, smooth honey, and warmth, while remaining balanced, drinkable, and refreshing.

CHARM CITY MEAD BLUEBERRY GINGER – Sparkling, semi-sweet ginger beer with slight hints of blueberries

CHARM CITY MEAD CHECKER SPOT COLLABORATION – Collaboration meads aged in a fresh dumped Catoctin Rye barrel. We’ll have both a sour cherry sour mead, and a rye aged Elderberry with fresh elderberries from Checkerspot Steve’s own garden.

CHARM CITY MEAD MANGO COMAPENO –  (SUMMER SEASONAL)  Not too much heat, not too much sweet

CHARM CITY MEAD PUMPKIN –  (FALL SEASONAL)  Harvest spice with a subtle finish of true pumpkin, this effervescent autumnal beverage is sure to keep things light

CHARM CITY MEAD RETIRE BY THE FIRE –  (WINTER SEASONAL)  Refreshing mead that features vanilla, cocoa nibs, and clove. It’s sure to keep you warm all winter long.

CHARM CITY MEAD RUBY RED ROSE – Bright citrus and subtle rose flavor

CHARM CITY MEAD STRAWBERRY GINGER –  (SPRING/SUMMER SEASONAL)  Each sip starts with fresh strawberries and ends with a hint of refreshingly spicy ginger