1/2 KEG, 1/6 KEG, 12/500ML BTL, CANS

CHARM CITY MEAD BASIL LEMONGRASS – Balancing fresh herbs and subtle honey, nothing says delicious better than this signature infused mead.

CHARM CITY MEAD ELDERBERRY – Red berry and warm honey comprise this beautifully colored honey wine


CHARM CITY MEAD BLACK CURRANT RED RASPBERRY – Inspired by red wine, this refreshing melomel begins with dark fruit,  raspberry and carefully balanced tannin.(STILL /  BOTTLES ONLY)


CHARM CITY MEAD ORIGINAL DRY – Crisp, dry, and refreshing, this modern mead is best served lightly chilled (STILL /  BOTTLES ONLY)

CHARM CITY MEAD CYSER – Gold Rush varietal cider from a local orchard is balanced with our signature dry mead in a light, floral, and refreshing combination.


CHARM CITY MEAD SWEET BLOSSOM – Semi-sweet offering. Sweetened with orange blossom honey, floral notes and subtle citrus abound, while still remaining light and refreshing (STILL /  BOTTLES ONLY)

CHARM CITY MEAD WILDFLOWER – If there was a champagne of meads, this would be it: floral notes, crisp acidity, all-around deliciousness. This is the nectar of the gods.