FLYING DOG TROPICAL BITCH- For years, she’s gone walking. When she passes, she lures you in. And time after glorious time, she never disappoints. Tall and tan and young and lovely. You smile. With a swing so cool and a sway so gentle, you’ll give your heart gladly. AVB 8%

FLYING DOG BELLINI WEISSE- When Joy needed it -during a particularly necessary New Year’s Day brunch — the bellini was there for her. She vowed then and there to bring the deliciousness of her Italian savior to the masses. Armed with determination and a damn good pun, she pitched the idea of marrying sweet peach with a tart Berliner Weisse to our brewmaster. Now, we’re all believers. AVB 4.2% 

FLYING DOG FEVER DREAM- You’re running through a field of flowers, sprinting at a pace you haven’t seen since high school. There are voices in the background. Your seventh grade biology teacher telling you he’ll see you after class. The flowers morph into Tom Selleck’s mustache. He just wants to know if you want a straw with your smoothie. AVB 7%