JAILBREAK WHITE RUSSIAN – Coffee Cream Ale. Light in color yet full in flavor. An appropriate marriage of golden malts and perfectly roasted coffee from Ceremony Roaster with a hint of vanilla. ABV 5.5%

JAILBREAK FUNK SWAYKey Lime Berliner Weisse. Intensely pleasant key lime aromatics punctuated by firm tartness, with a large supporting role from hefty proportions of malted wheat. Approachable to those unfamiliar with traditional Berliner Weisse, but undeniably appealing to sour beer lovers. ABV 4%

JAILBREAK GOLDIE HON – Hazy Blonde Ale. Hop forward Blonde Ale with bright citrus character from Citra and Mosaic hops. ABV 5.3%


Oktoberfest –Medium bodied malt forward dry lager exemplifies made with a carefully curated selection of German malts, ester-free lager yeast, and the appropriate tinge of continental hop character. Captivating aromas of actively baking bread and palate sensations of toffee-laced sourdough crust punctuate every aspect of the drinking experience. 5.5% ABV