Brewery Facts

  • Hawkes, a London-based, small-batch cidery operates in collaboration with BrewDog in the USA
  • The partnership began when BrewDog invested in the company in order to access craft cider for its pubs
  • All U.S. cider is produced at BrewDog’s Columbus, OH brewery
  • Hawkes is committed to innovation, creating new beverages in the cider space, and helping to bring some of the UK cider-drinking culture to the U.S.
  • Hawkes Cider is gluten-free and vegan


Slam Funk

  • Crisp, dry cider
  • 6.7%ABV
  • Made with classic cider apples from Herefordshire
  • Sparkling and dry, complex and full-bodied with a sweet start and a tannic finish
  • Untappd: 3.51/5

Dead & Berried

  • Ultra-jammy, fruited cider
  • 4%ABV Classic medium-dry cider infused with mixed berries
  • Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry fuse in juicy layers with a delicate sweetness
  • Untappd: 3.57 /5