What We Do and Troubleshooting

Issues Bond Addresses:

  • Faucets
  • Sankey /Coupler
  • Beer Jumpers and air line in the walk-in from the keg to the wall for our beer lines only.
  • Direct Draw Beer and air lines for our beers only. (along with primary regulators) We do not supply regulators. If they need one, they must purchase one. We have them and can install and bill them at the time of service call.)
  • Set up new lines on Direct Draw units. Our lines only. (and place handles)
  • Sankey’s on new long Draw and Direct Draw systems for our beers only. (and place handles)
  • We also clean the line when we take over a competitor’s line and put our beer on. Or if its one of our beers that might affect the flavor of our new beer going on.

Things we do not service:

  • Faucets
  • Any refrigeration at all. If your beer it’s warm or freezing you should call a Refrigeration Co. If you wait for us to come out and agree with you it could keep your system down for another day and could cost you more money in after hour rates from the Refer Co.
  • Beer Pumps
  • Flow control devices or FOB’s
  • Drains
  • Towers (We can sometimes tighten loose towers but not always the case)
  • Lines from the Walk-in to bar
  • Beer Blast units or Blenders
  • Regulators inside the walk-in coolers that are called secondary regulators (We can help with Primary regulators though)

Things to remember

Beer should never come off the truck and get tapped right away. Beer is very temperature sensitive. Kegs need at least 24 hours to Chill before use. Most of our trucks are not refrigerated. So, a keg gets Put in at truck at 6am and gets delivered some time between then and at 6pm. Beer sitting in a truck that’s been out in the sun for 12 hours. The keg has warmed up to 60-70 degrees. It takes a keg 2 hours to chill down 1 degree. Beer begins foaming at 39 degrees. That could be as long as 42-48 hours.


Foamy Beer

Check temp and pressure (DO NOT ADJUST PRESSURE) Is there pressure? Temperature of the beer should be 33-38 Deg. in a room temperature glass. Pressure on a direct draw should be 12-15 Lbs. never over 15 Lbs. long draws systems around 22lbs. This can very because of length of run.

  • Try re-tapping the keg to make a better seal
  • The Sankey/Tapper might be missing a probe washer or have a bad bottom washer. If this is the case you should fill out a request for service below.

Not Flowing at all

Check Co2 / Air supply gas tank, blender (is there pressure). Kegs hold pressure so when air runs out in one keg beer can still pour on another line. More popular beers will stop pouring faster than slow movers will. We get this call all the time. “Yuengling is pouring but not Coors” This is because there is still pressure in the Yuengling keg because kegs hold pressure. If you have not been pouring from it as often as the Coors Light the Yuengling might still pour even though the Co2/Air might be out.

  • Check the air valves from the air distributor. Make sure they are all open.
  • Check to make sure the keg are tapped. Sometimes the tappers do not engage all the way.
  • Check that the gas tank is open
  • Check to make sure the actual proper keg is tapped on the proper line (You could have lines crossed)
  • If system is equipped with a flow control device or “FOB” make sure the float is up
  • Untap the keg and open the tapper in the air to see if the tapper has air flowing to it

Nothing but air spitting out

  • We get this call frequently. This is usually as simple as an empty keg connected to the wrong line from the lines being crossed.
  • Check all their tapped kegs for any empty kegs that may be still tapped and trace back to what line may be crossed.

The walk in is cold but the beer is coming out warm

  • This is probably a long draw remote system with a power pack that is chilling the beer lines running from the walk-in to the bar
  • Check the power pack/Glycol unit is it running are the pumps working and for proper temperature. Glycol should be set to 28-29 degrees. These systems cycle several times an hour. So, the temperature might read as high as 31.

We DO NOT install systems at all. We do not move towers. We provide the absolute basic service. Anything that is out of our range of service needs to be done by a beverage company.

These are our recommended companies for system installation and service:

RPS Draft Services – 443-677-3881 (Ray)

AC Beverage – 800-925-3818

We also recommend Micro Matic components for any beer system needs. They have reliable equipment with industry leading warranties, and they are very helpful when issues arise.

Retailers can also go to The Brewers Association website and get information there as well.

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