About Foster’s:
FOSTER’S lager was first brewed by William and Ralph Foster, who arrived in Melbourne from New York in 1886. They set up their brewery with an American refrigeration engineer and a German brewmaster in late 1888. Situated on a site in Rokeby Street, Collingwood, they delivered their first shipment to Hotels in Melbourne in February 1889 – and the history of FOSTER’S lager began. At this time, Aussies were used to drinking British-style ales that did not quench their thirst in the searing heat of Melbourne. When FOSTER’S hit the market, it was pounced on because it was a cold lager, and therefore lighter, smoother and ultimately more refreshing. The heritage and history of FOSTER’S is still very much alive in the brand today. In the UK, the lager is still brewed in strict adherence to the original 1888 recipe. All processes are the same as the 19th century version; however, the use of modern brewing technology has allowed the brewers to maintain the traditional flavor while meeting the high volume demands.

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