LABATT BLUE – The world’s best selling Canadian Beer. Brewed with the finest ingredients including renowned Hallertau hops, 2-row malted barley and pure Canadian barley, Labatt Blue has a clean refreshing taste with distinct hop aroma, delicate fruit flavor and a slightly sweet aftertaste. ABV 5%

LABATT BLUE LIGHT – Created in 1983, this premium, light Canadian Pilsner is a delicately balanced beer brewed with Cascade hops and a blend of malt. With a slight sweetness and citrus-like hop character, it’s fresh, crisp and brewed to the highest quality standards. ABV 4%

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LABATT BLUE CITRA – A hoppy session lager brewed with Citra® and Mosaic® hops for fresh, juicy aromas and flavors of tropical fruit. Crisp and easy drinking, it represents a new kind of refreshing. ABV 4.7% 

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LABATT ICE – A smooth and full-flavored beer. Introduced in 1993, Labatt Ice was one of the world’s first Ice brewed beers. ABV 5.5%