February is Stout Beer Month, a celebration of the dark, rich, and flavorful beer style. Stout beer is a type of beer that is made with roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast. It is typically dark in color, ranging from deep brown to black, and has a strong, roasted flavor. It is often described as having notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Stout beer is often associated with winter months, but it can be enjoyed year-round or during a special beer dinner.

A stout beer dinner is a great way to celebrate Stout Beer Month. Start off the evening with a light appetizer such as a cheese plate or charcuterie board. Then, move on to a hearty main course such as a beef stew or a hearty beef and stout pie. For dessert, serve a classic stout beer float or a chocolate stout cake. Pair each course with a different stout beer to really bring out the flavors of the meal. Finish off the evening with a Bell’s Expedition Stout, Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, New Holland Dragon’s Milk White Stout, Flying Dog Cookies & Cream, Terrapin, Wake and Bake, Monument City Coconut Cloud. These are just a few of the great Stout Beer’s we carry.





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