Mass. Bay Brewing Company

  • Founded in 1986 in Boston using Massachusetts brewing permit 001.
  • Originally just another name for Harpoon Brewery, but as offerings expanded this has become the umbrella for a number of separate brands: Harpoon, UFO, Clown Shoes, Arctic Summer and City Roots Cider.
  • A top 50 US craft brewery by volume, according to the Brewer’s Association (#28).
  • In 2014 when many brewers were selling to multinational corporations and private equity, Mass Bay Brewing Company instead became employee-owned; 48% of shares are held by employee-owners.



  • An O.G. craft brand, making craft beer since the mid-19801s.
  • Gives back to the local community through Harpoon Helps, which has donated clothing to local shelters and supports the Baltimore 10-Miler race.
  • Like many old-school crafts, Harpoon was 11flagship11 driven – IPA accounted for a large percentage of volume; changing consumer tastes have changed the brand, now led by Rec. League (low calorie hazy pale ale), and Seasonal.
  • Variety packs, available as 12-pack cans which rotate quarterly, are a major driver of business.

Top Products


  • Low-calorie Hazy Pale Ale
  • 3.8% ABV I 35 IBU I 120 cal.
  • A triple- whammy: Hazy, hoppy and better-for-you. I
  • ngredients like chia, buckwheat and sea salt make this beer stand out.
  • Men’s Health magazine called it a “pillow-y tropical pale ale”
  • BeerAdvocate: 84 points Untappd: 3.52/5


  • Proven winner Summer seasonal
  • 5% ABV I 22 IBU
  • Pale ale brewed with fresh mango puree.
  • Bright, tropical aromas come from Simcoe and Sultana hops.
  • Fruity, light & refreshing with a hint of sweetness – perfect for warmer weather.
  • BeerAdvocate: 83 points Untappd: 3.64/5


  • East coast IPA since 1993
  • 5.9% ABV I 42 IBU
  • One of the first IPA brewed on the east coast; a craft beer classic.
  • Styled after an English IPA but brewed with American hops, it’s citrusy, refreshing and balanced.
  • BeerAdvocate: 82 points Untappd: 3.51/5


  • Innovative fruited sour ale
  • 4.6%ABV
  • Sour ales appeal to crossover drinkers from wine and spirits
  • Unique ingredients like dragonfruit, hibiscus and maca root make this beer stand out.
  • Tart, refreshing and easy-drinking with a bright red color.
  • BeerAdvocate: Needs More Ratings Untappd: 3.48/5



  • Originally a product line within the Harpoon portfolio, now a standalone brand with its own identity.
  • UFO, which stands for “UnFiltered Offering”, has come to represent a portfolio of beers that’s a little bit different, a little more refreshing and flavorful, and most importantly, a product that everyone can enjoy.
  • The flagship strategy continues to work for this brand with UFO White being a proven winner across all packages
  • Variety packs, available as 12-pack cans which rotate quarterly, are a major driver of business.

Top Products


  • Best selling Belgian-style Wit
  • 4.8% ABV Belgian White/Witbier
  • #2 fastest selling craft style
  • Crisp, light-bodied and brewed with orange peel & coriander, in the 100+ year Belgian tradition.
  • Serve with a slice of orange, or don’t, completely up to you.


  • 4.8%ABV Unfiltered, with a German-style hefeweizen base.
  • Fresh-from-the-tree peach flavor and just a touch of sweetness set this brew apart.
  • Once limited to Georgia, distribution grew due to success
  • BeerAdvocate: 83 points Untappd: 3.63/5


  • Stalwart raspberry wheat ale
  • 4.8%ABV
  • Sweet & refreshing; fruit flavor balanced by wheat beerHazy, rose-colored hefeweizen
    infused with tart raspberries for a delicate fruit flavor.
  • Somewhat uncommon style with a dedicated drinker.
  • BeerAdvocate: 82 Untappd: 3.49/5


  • Low-calorie Belgian-style White
  • 5% ABV I 94 calories
  • Light in body, but a force in flavor.
  • Packs orange peel and coriander flavors of UFO White into a low­calorie package.
  • 94 calories I 3g carbs I lg protein
  • BeerAdvocate: Needs More Ratings Untappd: 3.38/5


Clown Shoes

  • Founded in 2010 as a small, independent craft brewer in Boston.
  • Named a RateBeer Top 100 Brewery in the world, and a produced a top 200 beer in the world according to BeerAdvocate.
  • Part of Mass. Bay Brewing Company since 2017; part of the Bond family since 2020.
  • All packages Bond carries are 16oz 4pk or single-serve 19.2oz cans.
  • Space Cake DI PA is their best-selling beer since being introduced in 2014.
  • The Clown Shoes brand thrives on new, and we will have a constant rotation of items available in limited quantities.




  • Best-selling DIPA 9% ABV I 90 IBU
  • West-coast malt backbone with citrusy Mosaic hops.
  • Untappd: 3.92 BeerAdvocate: 91 Points


  • Juicy, hazy NEIPA 6.7% ABV I 0 IBU
  • New England-style hazy IPA with Azacca, Citra & Mosaic hops.
  • Now Double Dry-Hopped
  • Untappd: 3.76 BeerAdvocate: 89 Points


  • Slight hazy IPA
  • 6.7% ABV I 44 IBU
  • Light-bodied with Simcoe, Azacca, and Idaho 7 hops.
  • Untappd: 3.64 BeerAdvocate: 84 Points

Arctic Summer

  • A collaboration between Mass. Bay Brewing and Polar Seltzer, one of the most iconic seltzer brands in the US.
  • A line of fruit-flavored hard seltzers based on Polar’s successful NA seltzer recipies.
  • Alcohol is derived from cane sugar through fermentation, making this product naturally gluten-free.
  • Every flavor of Arctic Summer contains 110 calories and lg of sugar per 12oz. serving.
  • Variety packs, available as 12-pack cans which rotate quarterly, are a major drive of business.
  • Variety packs contain 3 each of Pineapple Pomelo, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Raspberry Lime and Black Cherry seltzer.




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